482918 - Huge beachfront property


3 Bedrooms


3.5 Bathrooms

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Property Description

69 lineal meters (226 lineal feet) of beach frontage. 5,827 total sq meters (1.44 acres). This is paradise.

This beautiful plot of land is located north of Puerto Morelos in an area with there is little noise. 

Besides the 3 bedroom home, the property also has a beautiful pool. You can spend your time tanning by the pool or take a few steps on the white sand beach and enter the warm water of the Caribbean. 

The home on the property can be remodeled and you will have a spacious property to enjoy as your own or, it can be converted into a boutique hotel or even a bed and breakfast. Whatever you choose to do on the property, it will always be paradise.


  • Location:

     Puerto Morelos
  • Neighborhood:

     Portside - North Beach Area
  • Property Type:

     Private Home
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  • Sq Meters of Land:

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