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About Our Agency

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest :

  • Selling in Puerto Morelos since 2006!
  • Puerto Morelos Property Specialists
    • It’s imperative that your Agency know the Puerto Morelos market! Final sale prices are not publicly available information in Mexico. Our ability to advise you on price is based on 10 years of selling properties right here in Puerto Morelos.
  • Certified to Sell Real Estate
    • Federally Certified by CONOCER in General Real Estate Sales
    • Federally Certified to Sell in Tourist Zones
    • State Certified Brokerage
  • Members of AMPI, the Realtor’s Association in Mexico
  • International Members of NAR, the Realtor’s Association in the U.S.A.
  • Our Office is in the heart of Puerto Morelos
  • Innovative Marketing Program
  • Knowledgeable
  • Experienced
  • Professional, Ethical, & Helpful

Thinking About Selling?

Check out the webinar that we’ve prepared to fully educate you on the Selling Process!

Our Marketing Program

We have an effective, multi-faceted marketing program that is focused on Puerto Morelos Real Estate and garners maximum effective exposure. In addition to this website, our exclusive listings are featured in the national MLS system, our in-office listing sheets and TV previews, and in virtual showing videos on YouTube. We frequently participate and sponsor in town events where we promote our listings and services. Mayan Riviera Properties is featured in the Puerto Morelos Guide Map that is distributed throughout town and in the hotels. We also hold open houses and broker previews to be sure that your property is seen!

In addition to the more standard methods of promotion, we have cultivated an active and interested group of followers through our social media efforts. We also host a popular weekly workshop series during the high season for potential buyers where we answer the frequent questions that newcomers have and prepare them to be educated investors.

Listing Your Property

Are you interested in listing your property?  If so, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Timing: The vast majority of showings take place during high season (mid-December – April). So, placing your property on the market prior to this time period is ideal for maximum exposure. There is some activity during off-season, but it is quite often follow-up buyers who originally saw properties during the previous high season.
  2. Property Condition & List Price: Right now, it is a buyer’s market. That means that your property will be up against a fair bit of competition. In order to stand out in the crowd, your property needs to be in the best condition possible and priced to move.  Being aggressively priced, even if it means that there is little room for negotiation, and clean/cute/maintained are what will get your place SOLD!
  3. Paperwork: In order for MRP to list your property, all of your paperwork for the property must be in order. We will review your documents to be certain that all is correct and ready to sell. If there is anything that requires attention, we will assist you in updating things prior to placing your property on the market.
  4. Pre-Listing Consultation: MRP will provide you with extensive pre-listing consultation so that you can be sure that your documents are correct, you are aware of any expenses that you may have related to the sale of your property, and you know what to expect during negotiations throught closing.Note: Mexico has recently (2010) changed their capital gains tax laws. It is important that you know any capital gain liability that you have prior to listing your property so that you can make informed decisions about listing the property and accepting offers.

The Sale Process

Once your property is placed on the market, we will present to you all offers that are made, in writing. These legally-binding offers, written in English and Spanish, will contain various clauses that specifically address each part of the transaction.

Offers to Purchase typically begin with the buyers placing a downpayment on the property. At this time, the sellers may or may not be obligated to remove the property from the market, depending on the terms of the Offer to Purchase Contract.

Most buyers choose to use an escrow account to remit the funds for the transaction. We encourage buyers to use escrow accounts, as it is the most secure way (for both parties) for funds to be held during the closing process. These accounts are U.S. accounts that are held by professional escrow companies that are bonded and licensed escrow agents.

Once you have accepted a buyer’s Offer To Purchase, then the sale process begins. To begin, MRP will remit copies of your documentation to the buyers so that they may perform their due diligence within the timeframe specified within the Offer to Purchase. This due diligence period will include legal review of the property’s paperwork to insure that the property’s title is transferable without encumbrance and may also include inspections or financing clauses that are contingencies on the offer and sale of the property.

Once satisfactory due diligence has been performed and any contingencies have been waived, then the notary begins to prepare the official sale paperwork. If the buyers are foreigners, arrangements will need to be made on their behalf in order to transfer an existing trust into their name or to open a new trust for the property being purchased.

Prior to closing day, buyers will have submitted the full funds to purchase the property into the escrow account so that sellers can attend and sign with confidence at closing.

On closing day, buyers and sellers (or their legal representatives with Power of Attorney) must be present at the notary’s office to sign the official sale documents. Upon signing, the escrow funds are released, via wire transfer, to accounts previously designated by the sellers and will receive FDIC wire transfer confirmation of the same. The amount of time that it takes for your escrowed funds to appear in your account can vary depending on your bank and whether it requires intermediary banks. Most receive their funds within 24 hours. Some international accounts take up to 48 hours to receive funds.

After funds have been received, the notary then submits the paperwork to the Public Registry of Deeds to record the official transfer and the transaction is complete.